In the Transactions section of BoomFi's Dashboard, you get a comprehensive overview of all transactions, with the added convenience of filtering them by status.

For each transaction, you have the following options:

Customer details

Transaction details

Transaction receipt

Access the customer details

To view a customer's profile, click on the link associated with their name or wallet address in your BoomFi dashboard. This section provides a comprehensive overview of the customer, including their transaction history, subscriptions, and more.

Access the transaction details

Click on the Transaction Hash to visit the respective blockchain's website, where you can find detailed information about the transaction.

Access the transaction receipt

Easily access and download a transaction receipt. Downloading a transaction receipt serves multiple important purposes:

  • Record-Keeping: Transaction receipts are tangible financial transaction records. They provide a documented trail of the transaction's details, aiding in accurate bookkeeping and auditing.
  • Verification: Receipts offer a way to verify the successful completion of a transaction. They contain critical information such as the date, time, amount, and parties involved, providing a reliable reference point.
  • Tax Compliance: Transaction receipts are essential for tax reporting and compliance for businesses and individuals. They help in tracking income, expenses, and financial activities.

To access a transaction receipt, you need to click the Download receipt 🧾 button at the far right of each transaction's row. Displayed below is an illustrative example of the receipt format that we provide:

receipt example image

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