Networks & Currencies

BoomFi is constantly working to expand the supported networks and currencies accepted to perform payments. On this page, you find the latest list of supported networks and currencies by BoomFi.

Supported networks

Except for ETH Mainnet, payments conducted on all other networks are gas-free (i.e., BoomFi covers the payment gas).

NetworkGas Fees
Ethereum MainnetStandard (paid by the customer)
SolanaStandard (paid by the customer)
TronStandard (paid by the customer)
PolygonFree (covered by BoomFi)
ArbitrumFree (covered by BoomFi)
BNB ChainFree (covered by BoomFi)

Our objective is to become chain-agnostic, thereby enabling users to transact on any chain while allowing merchants to settle on their preferred chain promptly.

Supported currencies

BoomFi users can pay in the currencies shown below, and we will promptly add new currencies/tokens according to demand.






On the settlement side, merchants can settle in any of our supported cryptocurrencies and/or major fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, and SGD.

What’s Next