The Customers section is your hub for handling customer information and transactions. This section covers everyone who has interacted with your business, whether their transactions were successful or not. It also includes customers you manually register, further enriching your database.

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Effortless customer registration

When a new customer uses one of your pay links to make a payment, BoomFi automatically registers them. No need for manual steps, it's all seamless. If you desire, you can add more information about each customer.


BoomFi will only fill in the required fields.

Smooth transaction tracking

Customer interactions and transactions are tracked using unique Wallet Addresses. When a customer pays from their unique address, the system records the details in their profile on your dashboard.

Manual customer registration

You can manually register a new customer by clicking the Add customer button. Fill in their Name and a unique Wallet Address to establish their profile. You may desire to add more information about each customer as well, and the following fields are optional:


Personal Address

Phone Number

Unique Customer Identifier

Twitter Handle

Discord username

Customer overview

You can access customers' profiles to view their information and transaction history by clicking on their profiles. You can review their records and easily manage subscriptions on the customer's profile. In addition, you can modify their personal information by clicking the edit button to enhance your ability to monitor each individual effectively, and you can delete a customer by clicking the red delete button.

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