Pay Links

In the Pay Link dashboard section, you can easily oversee generated pay links. Manage link specifics, and activate, or deactivate as needed for seamless control. BoomFi enables you to create Recurring and One-Time pay links.

One-time payment links

With BoomFi, you can easily create one-time pay links:


One-time pay link benefits:

  • Simplicity and convenience: One-time pay links eliminate the need for customers to navigate through a traditional online store or checkout process.
  • Multi-chain crypto payments: Get paid in several cryptocurrencies across multiple chains.
  • Quick Setup: Create one-time pay links in just a few clicks.

Recurring payment links

BoomFi automates billing for subscribed customers, adhering to specified time intervals for each link.


Recurring pay link benefits:

  • Predictable Revenue: Recurring payments provide a steady income stream, enabling better financial forecasting and planning.
  • Customer Retention: Recurring payments encourage customer loyalty by simplifying the payment process and reducing barriers to continued service or product use.
  • Reduced Churn: Automated payments make customers less likely to cancel due to forgetfulness or inconvenience, reducing churn rates.

Create pay link

To create a pay link via BoomFi, you will follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Pay Link section in your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Add Pay Link button at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Fill in the following details:
    • Product Name: Your product's name.
    • Description (optional): The description of the product/sale.
    • Default Price: The product's price in USD.
    • Default Network: The blockchains that you will accept this payment.
  4. Choose between Recurring and One-Time Payment options.
  5. For Recurring option, define Billing Period between weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  6. (Optional) Set a Unique Product Identifier, or use our generator to set one.
  7. Click Continue to create the Pay Link.
  8. Done! ✅

Your new pay link will be similar to this:

Sharing your Pay Link 🔗

Once you have generated your Pay Link, you can easily share it with your customers through various channels.


Here are a few common ways to share your Pay Link:

  • Copy the Pay Link and share it with customers by email.
  • Share the Pay Link on your website or blog by embedding it in the appropriate place.
  • Share the Pay Link on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Connecting a customer to the pay link

When sending a pay link to a customer, you have the option to make a connection of the paylink with your customer through this customer's id. You can incorporate their id at the end of the pay link's URL, adding the parameter customer_ident. Below, you can see an example:

Original pay link URL

Pay link URL with customer's id<YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID>

Doing this will update the unique customer id in the web app, and you can access this information through webhook calls.

Managing your Pay Links

BoomFi provides you with the ability to manage your Pay Links efficiently. In your dashboard, you can view and track the performance of your Pay Links, including the number of payments received and the total revenue generated. You can toggle the Pay Link between active and inactive and also delete deactivated links.

Access Pay Link details to explore the following:

  • Information: Specific information about this Pay Link's attributes and settings.
  • Transactions: Payment history for this Pay Link's transactions.
  • Activation Status: A toggle button indicating the link's active/inactive status.