Configure your Card Ramp URL

The following query parameters can be added to the URL to customize BoomFi's Card Ramp solution:

Parameter NameDescriptionValid Values
sell_ccyFiat currency symbol to sell.Refer to the Supported Fiat Currencies table.
sell_amountAmount of the fiat currency to be sold. Applicable only if sell_ccy is provided.Any positive number.
chain_idIdentifier for the token's blockchain network. Identifies networks like ETH, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana, and Tron.Refer to the Supported blockchain networks table.
buy_ccyCryptocurrency symbol to buy. Optional; must correspond with buy_token and chain_id.Match with buy_token
buy_amountAmount of the cryptocurrency to be bought. This amount only gets applied if buy_ccy is provided and valid.Any positive number.
buy_tokenAddress of the cryptocurrency token to buy. It must be a valid, checksummed address specific to the token's blockchain.
recipient_walletAddress of the wallet to receive the cryptocurrency. The transaction is invalid if the wallet address does not match the chain_id.
redirect_urlURL where the user will be redirected after a successful transaction. Ensure the URL is correct and functional; invalid URLs will be ignored.Valid URL format



If both buy_amount and sell_amount are provided and valid, buy_amount will take priority.

The following is an example URL using all available parameters on the table: