The API tab in the settings section of BoomFi's dashboard lets you manage and control your API keys, granting you access to BoomFi's powerful features and functionalities. API keys are essential for integrating BoomFi services into your applications, allowing seamless communication and interaction with our platform.

Managing API Keys

On this page, you can perform various actions related to your API keys, including:

  • Generating New Keys: Create new API keys for different purposes or to replace existing ones.


New API Keys

New API keys are only shown once during the creation process, ensuring maximum security. As a result, we are unable to assist in the recovery of any lost or forgotten API keys.

  • Revoking Keys: Invalidate or revoke any existing API keys you no longer require or suspect may have been compromised.

Security and Best Practices

API keys are sensitive information and should be treated with the utmost care to prevent unauthorized access to your account and data. Here are some security best practices to follow:

  • Keep Keys Secret: Never expose your API keys in publicly accessible code repositories or forums. Treat them like passwords and store them securely.
  • Limit Access: Create separate API keys with restricted access privileges based on the specific tasks they need to perform. This helps minimize potential security risks.
  • Rotate Keys Regularly: Periodically rotate your API keys to mitigate the impact of any potential breaches or unauthorized access.