Pricing & Fees

At BoomFi, we offer three key services for handling cryptocurrency transactions:

  • Crypto Acceptance: When your customers make payments using cryptocurrencies, you'll receive the specific tokens they use for payment.
  • Settlement in Your Currency: You can choose your preferred currency for settling transactions. This means that while your customers can pay with various types of tokens on different blockchain networks, you'll still receive the equivalent value in the currency you prefer.
  • Off-Ramping to Fiat: We offer a seamless way to convert your received cryptocurrencies into traditional fiat currencies. This allows you to easily access and use the funds you've collected in cryptocurrencies in a familiar and widely accepted form.
  • On-Ramping to Crypto: We offer a seamless way to convert your traditional fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies.

Below you find a table with the processing fees to use the BoomFi services:

Payment optionProcessing fee
Standard Crypto Acceptance1% + $0.25
Token swap (you always settle in your chosen currency)1%
Off-Ramp to Fiat1%
On-Ramp to Crypto1%


Volume-based discounts are available depending on the total transaction value each month.

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