Webhooks Parameters

Below is a catalog of parameters sent within our webhook responses.

idstringUnique identifier for the webhook configuration.
org_idstringIdentifier for the organization associated with the webhook.
namestringThe name assigned to the webhook.
descriptionstringA description (if any) that provides additional context about the webhook.
typestringSpecifies pay link type, such as "OneTime" or "Recurring."
billing_schemestringDescribes the billing scheme, e.g., "FlatFee."
pricestringThe monetary amount associated with the pay link.
currencystringThe currency in which the price is defined.
customerobjectdetails of the customer.
customer.idstringIdentifier for the customer associated with the webhook (if applicable).
customer.created_atDateTimeA timestamp indicating the creation of the customer.
customer.updated_atDateTimeA timestamp indicating the last update to the customer data.
customer.org_idstringIdentifier of the customer's organization.
customer.referencestringPay link accept optional parameter of customer_ident which will be captured here and sent through webhook events.
customer.emailstringThe customer's email address.
customer.namestringThe customer's name.
customer.phonestringThe customer's phone number.
customer.wallet_addressstringThe customer's wallet address.
customer.deleted_atobjectDetails of the deletion time.
customer.deleted_at.TimeDateTimeA timestamp indicating the deletion of the customer.
customer.deleted_at.ValidbooleanIndicates if the deletion is validated.
available_quantityintIndicates the quantity available (if applicable).
referencestringA unique reference identifier associated with the webhook.
metadatajsonAdditional data or information related to the webhook.
enabledbooleanIndicates whether the webhook is enabled (true) or not (false).
created_bystringIdentifier of the user who created the webhook.
created_atDateTimeA timestamp indicating the creation of the webhook.
updated_atDateTimeA timestamp indicating the last update to the webhook.
sourcestringThe source from which the webhook originates (e.g., "BoomFi").
eventstringThe specific event that triggers the webhook (e.g., "Plan.Created").
customer_idstringIdentifier for the customer associated with the webhook (if applicable).
trial_periodstringA period during which a trial occurs (if applicable).
recurring_intervalstringThe interval at which a recurring event occurs.
recurring_interval_countintThe number of intervals for recurring events.
recurring_usage_typestringThe type of usage for recurring events (if applicable).
statusstringCurrent status of a subscription or payment (e.g., "Pending", "Active", "Cancelled").
cancel_at_period_endbooleanIndicates if a subscription will be canceled at the end of the current billing period.
amountstringThe monetary amount associated with the transaction.
payment_methodstringThe method used for payment (e.g., "Crypto").
invoice_idstringIdentifier for an invoice related to the payment.
next_actionstringInformation about the next action to be taken.
planobjectObject refering to the plan.
plan.idstringThe plan's unique identifier.
plan.referencestringThe plan's identifier in an external system.
crypto_transactionobjectWhen crypto transactions are involved, hash and chain_id will be included as a reference. Merchants can use this to render transaction hash links, for example.