Pricing & Fees

At BoomFi, we offer a suite of products and services for handling cryptocurrency transactions:

  • Crypto Acceptance: When your customers make payments using cryptocurrencies with BoomFi payment gateway, you'll receive the specific tokens they use for payment.
  • Off-Ramping to Fiat: We offer a seamless way to convert your received cryptocurrencies into traditional fiat currencies and bank transfer funds to your account. This service is available via our OTC service only.
  • On-Ramping to Crypto: We offer a seamless way to convert your traditional fiat currencies (via card or bank transfer) into cryptocurrencies via our card on-ramp widget and OTC service.

Below you find a table with the fees to use the BoomFi services:

Crypto payment gatewayFee
Crypto Acceptance fee (Crypto to Crypto)1% + $0.25 / transaction
Payment Recovery Fee (when recoverable)1% (min $15) / recovery
OTC Service (for Businesses and HNWI)Fee
Buy Crypto (min $50K USD buy/sell)1%
Sell Crypto (min $50K USD buy/sell)1%
Card On-RampFee
Card Processing (Visa / Mastercard) EURO only1% (min. 2.99 €) / transaction
Network feeReal time (varies by blockchain and congestion)


Volume-based discounts are available depending on the total transaction value each month.

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